Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Sorta Twin

This has been an ellastic summer, fraught with changes. New exercises can stretch you in ways you never expected. A little pain with big rewards seems to be a well accepted means of progress. Well, at least I'm cool with it. But my Brother moving to Florida to be with his Girlfriend has left me with a surprise months later that decided to lie dormant until normalcy and comfort had finally settled in. Like the sneaker guy in Seinfeld who Eilane had to give tick tacs to, it snuck up on me. And just like beer that's far too hoppy, it left a crappy aftertaste.

We were born on the same day, three years apart. It definately wasn't planned. When we were kids, I thought this was entirely unfair. Your Birthday was supposed to be the one day that was entirely for you, hell we already had to share all the other cool holidays like Christmas and Easter (I really like candy). And we weren't even twins, right?

Life threw us together, drove us apart, until we were both old enough to make the decision to treasure our connection. Since then our gradual maturity allowed us to realize the depth of understanding we had for eachothers' childhood experiences. While some of those have been very different, many are more similar to mine than anyone elses could posibly be. Both the painfull and fond memories are lodged permanently and uncontrolably in both our brains. It is a connection that only the two of us out of billions can share. And although the emotional connection can't be stretched or broken, the physical barrier of about half a dozen states between us puts a rather large and obstructive wrench in the works.

I miss him...
And on September 24, for the first time in my life, he won't be with me on my birthday. This realization, a quiet tap on the shoulder, left me with a hole in my chest. It was a silent reminder of how precarious and special some relationships are. The day won't be the same without my sorta twin. I love you Greg.

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