Thursday, January 7, 2010


I've been taking Aerial classes at the Philadelphia college of circus arts for a little over six months now. It not as painful as it was in the first few months and I'm stronger than I've ever been ; )

It's tough... What's strange is the some of the impressive looking things that I've learned so far seem to be easier than the less impressive things??? I'm absolutely sure that isn't going to apply to most things...just what I've learned so far ; P For instance there's this upside down spit in the air thing that looks really cool, but all you have to do is flip up your leg. But then there is this maneuver called a hip key/lock. You have to scissor your legs around the fabric get them way up in the air and shift the fabric around just so...and it's one part imposible, two parts painful and 3 parts annoying! Perfecting this sucker in the air is my personal goal this semester, allong with doing an ankle hang properly (so it doesn't hurt so much that I scared of it). I accomplished my goals last semester so I'm hopeful for this one.

I'm realizing that strenght equals control and grace, so I'm really focussing on trying to get stronger. Precission is the the hip key... ; P